Smarthands Data Center Management

Our NOC support team has extensive experience providing support to all the technology in your Data Center cage. Regardless of the brand, you can count on us to provide immediate-engineer level support onsite the Data Center.

Business made Safe & Secure with Tekorder solutions.


Offer easy pricing, either per incident, per project or hourly at a fraction of the amount the engineers in the Data Centers charge.

With the onboarding process as it is simple and provide support throughout the day.

To troubleshoot any problem with any form of technology

With our extensive experience configuration and we set up all the equipment in a Data Center.

We also offer you the most comprehensive support for all of your implementation support and maintainance needs.

With transparent report, access logs and simple billing process.

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Our Methodology to make safe & secure your business


Tekorder will work closely with you to create customized IT infrastructures and establish business continuity plans accordingly. This is done by exploring what technology is currently working well, what challenges you are facing, and how to solve them.


Through careful strategization, and consideration of your business objectives, growth plans, and constraints, we identify the high points and low points of your technical environment, and work on the same.


With a passion to become the go-to organization for all your business challenges, we do whatever it takes to ask the right questions, so that we’ll have all the answers for you. Our team of experienced professionals will implement the agreed technical solution in record time.


Our dedicated, fully serviced team proactively monitors, maintains, and supports your IT environment, working on the transition to your desired state. With one on one interaction with your company stakeholders, we consult and monitor your progress and path to achieve your goals.

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At Tekorder, we focus on customer satisfaction and user experience. We provide fully serviced IT customer care support for small as well as large scale businesses. Our 24×7 availability, and top class performance ensures that your business will face no down time.
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At Tekorder, we understand that server management is demanding and troublesome while knowing a fact that only a specialist can handle this process. Backups, updates, uptime monitoring, troubleshooting problems, and more, all come under Server Management.
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At Tekorder, we assess the vulnerability and do the penetration testing, while covering a lot other factors which could impose a strong threat to your organization. We identify the key requirements and develop a strategy which drive the transition covering all the aspects of Cyber Security.
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At Tekorder, we provide offshore product development services for businesses at every level of expansion : startups, small and medium scale businesses and large enterprises. We do all of this by using our industry best experience along with knowledge of latest technologies and business ideas in developing a product before a set deadline.
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Our CompleteCare service provides full support coverage, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year meaning. We always have your back – No matter where, when or how. IT downtime is a hindrance for all, and to get your site back on and running is vital. Our team consists of fully trained staff, available for service at all times, ensuring complete service.
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Tekorder provides unlimited onsite smarthands / onsite tech support at a fraction of the cost. This enables corporations to reduce their costs while increasing the positive experience the staff has with technology.
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At Tekorder, we have the necessary expertise and resources to build, operate, manage, sustain and extend technologies to build infrastructure and operations. All the industry knowledge comes from continuous investment and technical command in the domain while offering a wide spectrum of technology services that make businesses do better.
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Managed Backup // Managed Desktop // Managed Server // Managed Network Services // Software as a Service (SaaS) // Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) // Office 365 // Microsoft Azure // Amazon Web Services

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