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Retail Sector

Retail chains across the world are confronting the twin challenges of aggressive competition and declining sales. As a result, most marketing initiatives are designed around the existing customers

However, an effective program should baseline observed behavior such as customer

In addition, retailers can harness technologies such as mobile, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality and more along with process reengineering innovations such as lean logistics to benefit from paradigm-shifting business transformations that can put those leagues ahead of competition.

Tekorder has many years of proven experience in the retail segment that it is has employed to build inventive solutions for every part of retail lifecycle-from procurement to sales and post sales-to help you gain a competitive edge.Why should a customer in Retail segment partner with us?

What we do

We offer: customized solutions in the CRM, ERP, Data warehousing, Store operations management, merchandising, and Business Intelligence space

We provide: Business Requirement Analysis, Application Development & Maintenance, Helpdesk Sevices, UI design, Testing, and Quality Assurance

Our partnerships with enterprise product and smarter commerce vendors such as Oracle, SAP allows us to extend channel management best practices.

Our dynamic, strong, and focused CoEs serves as the backbone of our retail practice

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