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Employees bringing viruses – How to train them?

Usually, when you think about enterprise data security, the first thing you picture is an outside intruder. It might be some kid in a dark basement hacking into your servers, or maybe a more sophisticated attack from a cyberspy contingent overseas. However, one of the greatest threats to your enterprise data security stance might be sitting in a cubicle at your office.
While hackers are growing more and more sophisticated, much of the threat to your organization actually comes from the inside. That is

March 27, 2019


Osmany Barrinat, CIO & Managing Partner, Tekorder Inc.
Oswaldo Barrinat, Co-CEO and President, Tekorder Inc.

Improving employee performance and experience in your IT organization

Businesses now use more technologically advanced tools than ever before. These IT systems form the backbone of some of your company

February 13, 2019


Osmany Barrinat, CIO & Managing Partner, Tekorder Inc.


Kaseya Connect IT 2019

Connect IT is where thousands of leading IT professionals, business owners, industry leaders, and the unified Kaseya team gather to discuss the ever-evolving march of information technology and its impact on modern business.

Meet the Tekorder team at this conference to discuss your IT needs. Reserve your slot by emailing us at [email protected]

Emerge Miami 2019

eMerge Americas is not just an event